The 10 largest European Kitchen Companies

The Nobia Group                            Häcker                                   Mobalpa, France   

Many of you have asked me for a ‘top 10 list’ of European kitchen companies. Being that in my mind ‘Top 10’ is not just about company size and/or sales volume (especially in today’s economy…) I’m still working on that list for you and sooner or later it will be posted.
In the mean time, with the help of a good friend (thank you, A.S.), I was able to come up with the list of the largest companies in the European kitchen brands for you.

Bauformat, Germany                      Nobilia, Germany                          Cuisine Schmidt
The difficult part about coming up with such a list is how do you measure size, or I should say – by what parameters. I see, some European companies are actually part of a Group – they own several kitchen brands/factories, not necessarily all in the same country (!). Some manufacture kitchens but also sell retail, through a chain of factory owned stored. They may produce less kitchens, then another company, but if you add their retail sales, to their wholesale figures and then add appliances (manufactured by appliance companies, counters and even labor, the comparison is simply not easy.

Nolte, Germany       Alno Group, Germany         Schüller, Germany           Snaidero Group, Italy  

So with the above in mind, the only way to create the list (without going nuts) is really just by total sales figures (Europeans like to use the term – ‘Turnover’). So here is the list:

1. Nobia Group (Sweden) – There are many companies in this group, like Poggenpohl and Pronorm (Germany), HTH (Denmark), Marbodal (Sweden), Sigdal (Norway), EWE (Austria), plus, they also have a retail-network in the group – Magnet (UK).
2. Nobilia (Germany) – one company.
3. Alno GroupAlno, Wellmann, Pino and Impuls (Germany).
4. Cuisine Schmidt (France) – including a retail-network.
5. Häcker (Germany) – one company.
6. Nolte (Germany) – one company.
7. Mobalpa (France) – including a retail-network.
8. Schüller (Germany) – one company.
9. Bauformat Group Bauformat and Burger (Germany).
10. Snaidero Group Snaidero (Italy), Rational (Germany and including retail-networks like Ixina and Cuisine-Plus.

Some intresting facts:

  •  The majority of the companies, in the above list, are from Germany and the Scandinavian countries.  In that part of Europe, the groups (or concerns) are very typical and have been around since before Columbus discovered America… (no joke!).
  • The only Italian company is in the tenth spot – unlike the northern Europeans, in the southern part of Europe, the opposite is more common – smaller companies, privately owned and operated. Even inside Italy, the more south you go, the smaller and more family owned and operated the companies are. With that said, there are a lot more Italian kitchen companies operating and selling kitchens, then there are German and Scandinavian combined…
  • If we only consider single factory sales, without retail sales and/or other companies in the Group, the largest one is Nobilia, from Germany, then  Häcker, Nolte and Schüller, from Germany.
  • This list is not guaranteed, as many companies do not publish their sales figures but is fairly close to reality. Also, the list can change in one day, if one of the groups decides to sell off a factory or two, or in return, to acquire a couple of brands.

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670 thoughts on “The 10 largest European Kitchen Companies”

  1. Hi Kitchenguy,

    We are in the process of renovating our house and are shopping around for a new kitchen.
    We have been to Hacker, Arclinea, Schuller, Leicht, Siematic, Snaidero. All gave similar designs. Quality and budget are driving our decision. How would you rate their quality in order?
    The prices we got in decreasing order Semantic, Arclinea, Hacker, Snaidero=Schuller, Leicht
    Much appreciate any input on your behalf…THX

      1. THX!!
        Narrowed the choices down to Arclinea, Schueller (C Line) and Snaidero. All in matte laminate, quartz top and similar design – all with good designers/shops.
        Arclinea pricing out highest.
        Appreciate if can you rate them in order of quality?
        (Is Leicht as a brand comparable to Schueller? Better/Worse?)
        Much appreciated!

        PS. Great blog for all of us out there who are totally lost and overwhelmed!

        1. KitchenLost – all 3 are nice but Arclinea is a bit nicer. Not sure what the price difference is but if it is too high – go with one of the other 2.
          Leicht is comperable, though I’d go with Schueller.

  2. Hi Kitchenguy.

    I’m based in south west London and am looking for a brand new German kitchen for my flat (4m x 3.5m). I’m looking to spend around £13-£17k on units, quartz worktop, appliances and fitting. I have a few questions:

    1. What type of unit finishes are available and what is the best type? Which manufacturer sells the best type?
    2. What type of hinges are available? which are best ? and which manufacturers sell the best type?
    3. I’ve been looking at a Brigitte kitchen. How does the quality compare to Nobilia?
    4. Are there any other German kitchens you would recommend around this price range?

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Pri –
      1. too many questions that are not easy to answer…
      2. See EUROPEAN HARDWARE COMPANIES on the right side of the page, towards the bottom.
      3. Similar.
      4. Many…

  3. Hi kitchen guy

    I want to open a modular kitchen store in india
    Please suggest me
    Nolte and haecker is available here
    Thinking for nolte
    Please suggest me in india which brand you feel best for selling

      1. Thankyou kitchenguy
        The only problem with haecker is its showroom is already there so i cant work with them
        Bulthaup and boffi are better than all????
        Which one is the best any new name which is not in my list
        Plzz lemme kno….

  4. Hi,

    I am from Mongolia, seeking kitchen in in Germany. I was advised SieMatic as the most preferable brand in Germany by my friend. Is that truly so?

  5. Hi Kitchen Guy

    We are looking at getting a new kitchen and your thoughts would be a great help on a number of things.
    We had a local independent designer round who designed a Pronorm x line handless kitchen. Am I correct in thinking they do an Y line handless as well?? is there any difference in build quality or is it just the opening style?? Am I also correct in thinking that the same carcass is used and its the doors that add the cost as such??

    The designer highlighted that there is not a great deal of difference between the group 4 and group 2 lacquered doors?? how true is that??

    They also stock Alno and Rempp kitchens are these significantly better in quality.

    Many thanks

  6. Hi my builder suggested I get a Howdens or Benchmarx kitchen but I would like a better quality finish – do you have any knowledge of Schmidt kitchens and if so, what do you think? How do they compare to the likes of Haecker?

  7. hi,

    I am based in the UK and I am thinking of going to Germany and buying direct from a retailer there.

    I have heard that the prices are generally discounted when compared to retailer in UK selling German kitchen, do you have any experience of this? recent currency fluctuations may have tipped the balance with this however.



  8. Hi
    We’re base in the UK and we’ve got quotes for Rational, Rotpunkt and Schuller Next 125 (and Pronorm). In the quotes received, Schuller Next 125 was the cheapest which is not what I had expected. How do you perceive the quality of these 3 brands compared to one another?
    I was told that Rotpunkt’s new carcasses are more eco-friendly which is a real plus for us. Do you have by any chance more info on this aspect regarding the other brands? Many thanks!

  9. HI,
    I have shortlisted Nolte, Hacker and Poliform. Poliform is expensive than Hacker and Nolte while Nolte is the cheapest amongst this.
    I understand that Nolte uses chipboard while the other 2 uses HDF.
    Poliform has 6 side laminate / laquer while Nolte / Hacker has melamine coat inside.

    From durability and water resistant perspective, how does chip board and melamine rank up. Please share your views

  10. Hi Kitchen Guy,

    I am based out of India and have shortlisted Nolte, Hacker and Scavolini..there is a tad extra usage of water in our kitchen.

    Can your pls recommend which one of above three are better in quality.


    1. Hi shilpa,

      You can go for Alno also, which is better than hacker, they have a solution for water problems which are hapening in indian kitchens.


  11. Hi Kitchenguy

    We have managed to find 3 german kitchen companies near to us one does Hacker, one Pronorm and one Nobillia.

    We are after a gloss handless kitchen so all things being equal are any of the 3 better or worst then each other.

    The pro norm x line we looked at comes with shoe like inserts for end panels which we were told adds extra protection however is it really needed??

    I am guessing all 3 will use the same basic carcass components.

    is a lacquered door with the PVC edging vastly inferior to completely lacquered doors?

    Many thanks


  12. Hi kitchenguy,

    I’m working on a kitchen remodel, and need to find a good cabinet company that can do custom, is high quality, but does not cost an arm and a leg to buy. I got a quote from SieMatic for $20,000 on cabinets only.

    Are there any brands with comparable quality but at a lower price? Or any companies at 50% of the price and not a huge degradation in quality?

    As long as I can buy in the U.S., I’m fine. Thank you for your expertise!!

    1. I’d actually like to add to my question. I’m in the U.S., what are the best value for the money modern kitchen brands available for purchase here?

      I want to go with laminate (which is often the lowest price group), because for me quality and utility is more important than looking expensive.

      So far, I’ve seen Poggenpohl, ArcLinea, and SieMatic (price high to low order). Any others I should check? I liked SieMatic, but want to see if any others offer better value for the money.

        1. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area. So far, I’ve seen the following brands but more may be available:

          I already know these are out of my range – Boffi, Poggenpohl, Bulthaup and ArcLinea

          Others I’ve seen – Snaidero, SieMatic, Leicht, Alno, Pedini, Kvänum, and Varenna Poliform

          There might be others that I don’t know. I want something better than IKEA, but I can’t afford a SieMatic right now. What choices do I have?

          1. We are one of the importers for Rational. A German company owned by Snaidero. We are approx. 30% less than Poggenpohl and Siematic as we don’t have corporate showrooms and huge advertising expenses.

            please contact us at

          2. Hi kitchenguy, following your recommendation, I also inquired Pedini about the Eko line, but the price quote that I got was at least 50% over my budget. The only kitchen systems that came close to my budget were Hacker Classic line and Leicht Contino line. Am I comparing apples to apples or would you recommend one over the other? This is my final selection 🙂

  13. Hi kitchenguy.

    Great website and blog. Have been using it for the past few weeks!!
    I am choosing between 2 brands arrex and hacker systemat? Im leaning towards hacker but its 20% more expensive. Shall i go for hacker or is it not worth the extra money??

    Eagerly awaiting your reply
    Thanks in advance


  14. Do you have information whether they produce their own panels to produce kitchen? I mean pvc covered unsized semifinished panels.
    Or they import the panels and produce those brilliant kitchens?

  15. There is a Kitchen Cabinet & Bath store that opened up in Katy, Texas called Europa Kitchens. They carry Bilia Kitchens. I am trying to find out more about them. My home is not a high-end home and I cannot afford the luxury brands. Do you think I would be happy with this brand?

    Thank you.


    1. Gloria Amezcua – you probably mean Nobilia. They are the largest company in the world and as such – a budget product. May be a good fit for you.

  16. Hi Kitchenguy,

    I am from India i want to start a kitchen retail business in New delhi the capital of india. not so high a medium brand is suitable here can u suggest me the brand

  17. Hi,
    I am a consultant in the building materials trade. One of my clients based in the GCC is keen to have really top class kitchen brands (luxury) for his home(s), as well as some middle level brands for his construction company .
    Would appreciate your inputs here.
    FYI, I was heading the operations of VIlleroy and Boch in India before I quit in 2012 and started my own consultancy.
    M S Nair

  18. If you have any concerns about the exceptional industrial and restaurant furniture we provide or why you must
    shop with us, our friendly team of furnishings professionals is standing by.
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  19. Hi
    How would one compare price / quality between Alno, siematic and hacker?
    Also, is nobilia much cheaper? What do you have to say about Moore?

  20. Hi kitchen guy,

    Have a new build project coming up and have some options available in Mauritius, namely schmidt, mobalpa, arrital, nolte but some brands like pedini and siematic have had some poorlocal reviews so I am avoiding these brands, they also seem to be out of budget. Hacker seems like a good bet but they aren’t sold in mauritius yet. Is there any advice you could give me on schmidt and arrital regarding price and quality? Thanks

  21. Hi Kitchenguy,

    I’m looking for a high quality budget friendly kitchen. Could you recommend any good European brands?

    Please let me know if you need any other information.



  22. I am getting a kitchen done for my house in Bangalore, India. The suggestion is from Scavolini brand with Blum machanisms. The contractor is also suggesting Laminates as it is economical.

    Please suggest whether the brand Scavolini is good for Indian rough and tough handling?

  23. Can you please give me an estimation of how many Factory only kitchens made in EU are sold in the EU in particular Haecker? How infuencial is the EU Single Market to them and what would be the impact of a collapse of the single market on their sales please.

  24. Hi – looking to rip out kitchen and start afresh. Want a white matt flat slab, and down to choosing between a laqcuered door in their silk range from Masterclass based in the UK (where I am ) and a German lacquered laminate by Alno . Both through local showrooms. Are German kitchens better quality than English? Concerns me a bit about a laminated door delaminating, and like look of masterclass and seems to have better carcase. Can you advise which would be the better choice, especially when warranties on doors seem so poor in terms of number of years.

  25. Dear Kitchenguy, I’ve found this webside by case and I’am amazed of your knowledge regarding kitchens. I work in Italian company producing curved elements for kitchens and bathrooms. The production started 49 years ago. We have huge experience on that business. Till now we have collaborated with Italian manufacturers and now we would like to enlarge the sell to foreign countries. Do you have any idea who can be interested? Any suggestion for UK market? How to search the manufacturers who use curved elements for their collections? Thank a lot. Agnese Battistella

  26. Hi kitchen guy…

    Local kitchen suppliers near me stocks stormer or rotpunkt German kitchen brand, which of the two brand should I go for?



  27. Dear kitchen guy

    I am located in dubai
    We got a 4 mt x 3 my kitchen quote from hacker around USD 30,000.
    If I take from directly from Germany Haecker company will I save money? But what about fixing ( installation)and guarantees ? Please guide me .

  28. Hi Kitchenguy, as an expat living in Austria, and building a house, you have no idea how helpful your blog is! Thank you! So far, I’m in between Intuo and Nolte. Amazingly, the cost of the same Miele appliances are considerably cheaper with the Nolte option. I guess they have struck a deal due to the sheer number of the kitchens they sell. Would love your opinion on which option to go with or if there’s one in the same range I should be considering. Thanks in advance!

  29. Hi kitchen guy,

    Have overdosed looking at Getman handleless kitchen here in the Uk. Have seen Haecker, Schuller, Nolte, Remp, Siematic, Schmidt, Kuhlmann and Bulthaup. Favourite was Bulthaup but price was just too steep. Of the others Siematic seems to be my next favourite though somewhat more expensive. In your expert option is it worthy of the extra (quality, finish, cabinet furniture etc) or is it a placebo and one of the others or another is ‘better,?

    Very many thanks

    Many thanks

  30. hi kitchen guy,
    i am finalising a kitchen and have shortlisted 2. ( its going to be a lounge cum kitchen)
    first is Varenna kitchens and the other is .elmar
    varenna is approx 40-50% more expensive than elmar.
    quality and finish wise elmar looks good as well.
    what are your views .

  31. Hi kitchenguy. Embarking on a new kitchen as part of a new build in Melbourne, Australia and we like what we see in Lube and Nobilia kitchens through a couple of local agents. With a tight budget of 20k (Euro) in mind, would you recommend one over the other? Or should we be looking elsewhere?

  32. Veneta cucine, Marinelli cucine or scavolini which is the best. please rate each in a point of 1-10.

    10 the best and 1 the least

  33. Hello Kitchenguy
    You posted on Jan 30, 2009 the Top 10 list of European kitchen companies.

    Do you classify these companes as design and production of kitchens?
    And has the list changed since 2009 please?

    many thanks

    1. Nobia Group (Sweden) – There are many companies in this group, like Poggenpohl and Pronorm (Germany), HTH (Denmark), Marbodal (Sweden), Sigdal (Norway), EWE (Austria), plus, they also have a retail-network in the group – Magnet (UK).
    2. Nobilia (Germany) – one company.
    3. Alno Group – Alno, Wellmann, Pino and Impuls (Germany).
    4. Cuisine Schmidt (France) – including a retail-network.
    5. Häcker (Germany) – one company.
    6. Nolte (Germany) – one company.
    7. Mobalpa (France) – including a retail-network.
    8. Schüller (Germany) – one company.
    9. Bauformat Group – Bauformat and Burger (Germany).
    10. Snaidero Group – Snaidero (Italy), Rational (Germany and including retail-networks like Ixina and Cuisine-Plus.

  34. Hi kitchenguy,
    We’re looking for a modern kitchen and have 3 brands which have given us a design we like. Leicht, Schmidt and Nolte. The prices vary a little but within our budget. Which would you go for our of the 3 and why?

  35. Hi Kitchenguy,

    We are an Australian retailer of Tv cabinets and wall units. Do any of these european companies manufacture wholesale to businesses in other countries at wholesale prices?

    If not, do you know any in Asia, specifically China, who would have quality as close as these european companies but at cheaper prices.

  36. Hi there Kitchen Guy

    How would you rate Schmidt vs Haecker Classic?

    I’m getting quotes very similar, but unsure which is better quality.

    Where would you put Scavolini Evolution?



  37. hi
    I need to introduce a very economical italian kitchen brand in pakistan,
    Which one would you suggest provided we already have lube, arredo 3
    veneta cuine
    artee , home

    PLease suggust a brand which is at par with quality to lube bet better in price model, than all mentioned above.


  38. Admo Kitchens is a specialist in the construction, supply, and fitting of premium quality German and Italian made kitchens of the highest standards.

  39. Hi,
    just came across your blog.
    I am looking for a modular kitchen appliances manufacturer from Romania for bulk purchase.
    Can you kindly suggest good companies from Romania ?

    many thnx

  40. Hi , I am looking to purchase a new kitchen . I liked a metal one from Armony , but even Snaidero have a similar material . Which brand would you go for ? And what do you think of the metal finish material ?

  41. Hi Kitchen Guy,

    Trying to decide between a Leicht kitchen and Shuller one? Which one is better in your opinion?

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