Pedini - Integra

Pedini - integra in grey oak.

This blog was created in order to put together as much information as possible about European kitchen design, European kitchen companies and the different kitchen brands that have been manufacturing custom kitchens and built in kitchens, in Europe for more then a century.

European kitchen designers are the first ones to introduce what we know today as the ‘built in kitchen’ – kitchens that are no longer ‘free-standing’ pieces of furniture (as they were 100 years ago) but kitchens that are designed to have the cabinetry fitting between two walls.

Companies like Snaidero, Boffi, Pedini, Dada, Varenna and Val Cucine, from Italy, Poggenpohl, SieMatic, Allmilmo and Bulthaup , from Germany and Smallbone and Clive Christian, from England are the pioneers, the innovators and the companies that set the tone in Europe – the same tone that then becomes the new look for kitchen design around the world.


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  1. LindaTh

    Dear Kitchenguy. We live in France, where we moved not long ago to a small town near Geneva. We will be moving soon to our own apartment and as it’s new, we need to get a kitchen. Will be an open plan kitchen and we would like something beautiful but solid, of a good quality . We visited some shops like Schimdt, Perene and Varena and found the difference of price quite significant. After seeing Perene (which seems to be very good quality, exteriors are beautiful and interiors and accessoires look solid and nice) we decided we won’t comeback to Schmidt and try Perene but then when we had the project priced it was nearly 40% more expensive. So a little desappointment
    We came across a new Kitchen shop, Varena, who has some nice kitchens in exhibition and they has made an estimated which comes just 13% less than Perene, though they don’t tell you final price until you don’t commit and pay and advance (they charge for technical study). Exteriors from Varena look very similar to Pérene though they don’t have much on display the accessoires and interiors look of à little less range- thought not huge different-than Perene. I don’t know anybody who has a Varena kitchen so have no idea about quality and long term duration. Could you advice on this? We would like a beautiful open plan kitchen but also a solid one that would last and resist our family move for cooking and baking.. Also, came across some independent artisans cuisinistes, which seem to be popular here and are obviously cheaper
    Some of them with good references a small have no doubt they could do a nice job but again not sure about the warranty and quality they can offer and of they are a good alternative to the pricy shops. Any idea?

  2. Old China

    Great Blog kitchen guy, just the info I was searching for. Looking at A Record e Cucine kitchen. Priced out of TM Italia equivalent by the same showroom. You suggested to steer clear as the company was in financial difficulties in a post 2013. Is this still the case ? What is the quality and level of range of a Record e Cucine. Would be at a similar price point/quality to a Haeker or a Pedini product Thx in advance…

  3. Mash76

    Hi KitchenGuy,

    I’m in Los Angeles, and considering going with either Bauformat or Armony. These are both mid-low end brands, but in your opinion, which produces better quality, and which offers better style?

  4. Paul S

    Hi Kitchen Guy

    Currently trying to choose between a Schueller C3 and Hacker Classic kitchen. Here in the Middle East the Schueller supplier is quoting 10% more than Hacker. It is a handleless kitchen and the door fronts from the two brands are: from Hacker ‘Laser Soft’ which is described as “MDF board which is coated with a polymer laminate on the front”; and from Schueller ‘UMA Unit Matt’ which is described as “”matt PVC free surface produced by applying a high quality PET foil onto a MDF substrate which is then lacquered”. Is there any appreciable difference in quality/durability between these two door front materials? Also views on the overall build quality of these two brands/ranged that might justify the price differential?

  5. LeeB

    Doca or Hacker, which represents better value for money i.e. would you rather save your money and buy the Hacker or worth the extra for Doca?

  6. georgeh

    Choosing among these three from the Philippines – Hacker, Alno, Scavolini. We’re looking among the simpler laminates and lacquer – e.g. those in the more budget-friendly ranges for a 4x4m kitchen. Which has the best entry level lines?

  7. Brigitt

    Hi kitchenguy, great blog. I have small kitchen studio in Austria, and i am looking for another supplier (next to haecker). What do you think is best to choose Rational or Schroeder kuechen? Thank you for you answer.

  8. Mary

    Hi we are trying to decide between leicht and rational can you advise us on which is better and why thank you

  9. Eirik

    Hi Kitchen guy – I got 3 questions for you:

    blum or grass?

    And for push open drawers – will it last?

    Fenix NMT – good product?

  10. Naty

    Please in order of preference and best value:
    Between miton, poghen pohl, lube, leicht and veneta….
    Looking forward to hear from your valuable experience!

  11. Charlie

    Hi Kitchenguy – great blog, you have unrivaled knowledge! I’m learning lots from all the info. Based in London . We’re looking at a project next year. If you were working within a budget of $5000, $7500 & $10000 which would be your top 3-5 kitchens in each bracket? I realise these will be on the lower end of the scale. This is cabinets / doors / island. Would love your thoughts on helping to narrow this down a litle

  12. ewelina

    Hi, we are looking at modern contemporary kitchen designs and we received two quotes from two German companies: Shroeder and Zayko. The price difference between the two is more than a half, Zayko being the more expensive one. I cannot say that we appreciate or know much about the finishes, materials, etc. hence it is very difficult for us to understand the massive difference in the price. Have you had experience with either of the makers, please? Are you able to assist with any recommendation, feedback, suggestions, please? Any guidance would be very much appreciated.
    The sells people on both sides are saying the same things: durability, attention to detail, perfect finishes, perfect mechanisms, etc. Its so confusing for us to just pay the double if we do not fully understand the differences.
    Thank you in advance for reading and your kind advise.

  13. Mng

    Hello kitchenguy. Local shop is offering us 2 brand. Alno and rastelli (they say this is under aran, correct me if im wrong). Which is better? Tnx

  14. steve toomuch

    Dear Kitchen I find the German kitchen market are producing similar sort of handless kitchen products so for me it really comes down to build quality. How would you rank Rotpunkt, Hacker & Pronorm?

  15. Victor Hernandez

    Hi Kitchen Guy,

    I am looking at several brands to decide on one or two manufacturers to pursue as a dealer in my market for multifamily and high end residences. Main players in my market are:

    Local Manufacturing

    To compete with them I need one o more companies that can cover several quality/price points, which would be your top choices:

    Sie Matic
    Team 7

    Other suggestions?

    Best regards,


  16. OE

    Hi! Great informative blog! How would you rate Rastelli? Both in terms of service and the product.

  17. amit

    Hi KitchenGuy,

    Great Blog, Can you please help me to understand the brand positioning of Schuller, Ballerina, Rational, Pedini, Leicht in Europe, I would like to know your view on the ranking them in terms to Brand, Quality & reliability.


  18. LastEarnestine

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  19. saj

    Dear KitchenGuy,

    Could you help me to understand the brands, Varenna and Schroeder, in terms of quality, price, customizing and product support? This is for Indian market.


  20. Saj

    Dear KitchenGuy,
    Could you help me to understand the brands, Varenna and Schroeder, in terms of quality, price, customizing and product support? This is for Indian market.

  21. Eric Distelmans

    Strato or Dada?

  22. Gillian Cahill

    Dear Kitchen guy,

    Looking for a handless, sleek, streamlined kitchen (based in Spain). Got quotes from Siematic, Leicht and Santos. Siematic much more expensive than the other two. Two questions:
    – Is siematic worth the extra 15-20k?
    – Which do you rate between Santos and Leicht?

    Thanks in advance


  23. Eric

    Arclinea (Italia) with inox or Varenna (Phoenix) with inox? Which is the best quality?

  24. Simona

    Hi- thoughts between a Schmidt Kitchen or a Poliform kitchen? Poliform coming in at double the price but not sure if price difference is justified. Thanks for any opinions.

  25. Victor

    Hi, great blog. Fully open integrated kitchen and living area, Team 7 or L’ottocento?


  26. Adil Lashkari

    We are based in India and area going in for glossy glass back panel kitchen.

    We are contemplating Hacker, Arredo cucine and Aran Kitchen.

    Hacker price is around 40% higher than Arredo.

    Which one would you suggest?


  27. Victor Hernandez

    Team 7, L’Ottocento, Valvucine, Rotpunkt in order from your first choice to last.


  28. LikeKitchens

    Hello, do you know which manufacturers/carpentry workshop makes Studio Becker cabinetry in Germany. To my understanding they have switched from manufacturing themselves to working with different manufacturers/carpenters.

  29. Claudia Phillips

    How does Porcelanosa kitchens compare to poggen pohl? I am looking at wood veneer with laquer

  30. AnnaSwiss

    I hope this blog is still live!
    Lost! Sourcing a high end kitchen but not over the top, good quality/price ratio. Contemporary, simple but sophisticated. Located in Switzerland. Hope you can advise!

  31. TM Italia

    Wanted to share with you my terrible experience with TMItalia. We decided to buy from them convinced by our architect. In the end we are very unhappy after having spent so much money. Once installed, we were not able to open all of the closets as some handles were interfering with the doors movement. The wooden doors developed craks around the handles, just days before being installed. On top of that, the air extractor (supposedly stainless steal) , before being used at all, developed extensive oxidation marks. We asked TMItalia to intervene to solve the problems, but they are not even answering. Don’t be fooled, this firm is definitely not worth the price.

  32. Pizza Napoletana

    We quite like the design of the new Siematic SLX Pure line in handleless because of their lighted, 45º beveled channel. It would be great to see if there are alternatives in case the price or the designer at Siematic doesn’t suit us. Do you know any other product line of good quality that has a similar design? We are in California.

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