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Europeans have been producing kitchens, in factories (vs. carpenter’s shops) for about 100 years now.

The countries that have the largest amount of kitchen brands are: Italy and Germany. They probably produce about 90% of the kitchens sold in Europe. They also are the largest exporters of kitchens outside of Europe.  

You will also find some large kitchen factories in England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and other European countries.

On the right side of the page are the European kitchen companies, by country. If you know a kitchen company, that is not listed, please contact us and will gladly add it.


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  1. Hi kitchenguy – thanks for the very helpful website. We have plenty of choice, so how would you rank Nolte, Schuller, Schmidt, Leicht, ProNorm, Hacker Systemat, RotPunkt, Brigitte


  2. Hello kitchen guy, we are currently building our house. We are looking at alno and rastelli brand. Which do you think is better. Thanks in advance for your insight

  3. Hi, I live in FL and we are investing in a new kitchen?

    Could you tell me if Lube is better than Binova? How would you classify them, comparing to other Italian brands?

    Thank you,


  4. Hoping to get your insight on some kitchen companies: CopatLife, Arrital, Euromobil, Snaidero, Ernestomeda? What is your ranking criteria – style and design? materials? options? longevity? At first glance and visiting show rooms these are all very similar appearing and feel. Visited bulthaup too but I could tell a difference in build quality (and subsequently price) but the others are essentially interchangeable.

  5. Good Day,
    I am in the US, in Minnesota, and would like to remodel using European design type cabinets. In my area, I am aware of Poggenpohl, Leicht, Valcucine, Ascent, Cesar and Puustelli showrooms. I am aware that Poggenpohl and Valcucine are high end cabinets and most out of my price range. Could you comment on the quality of Leicht, Ascent, Cesar, and Puustelli quality?
    Also do you have any knowledge of a US cabinet company called Henrybuilt that builds cabinets in the European style? If so, how would Henrybuilt compare with the above brands?
    Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  6. hi! i am looking for a european kitchen with nice mechanisms and mixing high gloss with matte cabinets. my budget is not so high, was wondering which companies you recommend?
    We saw nobilia and liked it a lot but are not happy with the dealer and don’t want to work with them.
    Which companies fall into a similar low-price range, but without compromising the quality too much

  7. Hi I am looking for an Italian Kitchen. which offers aluminum frame and glass frosted doors. also looking for wardrobes
    building a large house in Melbourne Australia

  8. Have just had the most apauling ordeal with Scavolini, poor service, it was like they were doing me a favour by ordering a kitchen, it arrived missing parts, damaged inside the packaging, and late. Would not touch them.

  9. Hello,
    I would like a good quality and a modern look kitchen . We live in Montreal, Canada. We were looking at Armony kitchen but there’s none in Montreal. We found Lube,Scavollini and Record e cucine. What is the best? Do you think it is comparble to Armony?
    The design we want is a mixte of wood (for 9.6’ high wall) and white lacquer on the island (4×11’) and a glass mounted cabinet.

  10. Hi,
    How would you rate Record e Cucine (Italian) Vs Veneta Cucine &
    Ballerina Kuchen (German) vs Eggersman (German) in terms of quality and not brand value.

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