DoPont Corian – A Comeback… in Europe!

DuPont’s Corian® – the ‘solid surface’ product that made a huge appearance in American homes (and just about everywhere else) during the 80’s and the early 90’s has long been forgotten. Just like it came and took over the US, it almost disappeared completely, 20 years later.

TM Itlaic - Touch Tatoo kitchen
TM Itlaic - Touch Tatoo kitchen

The kitchen counter surface that promised to be “the best thing since bread slicer” fell somewhat short and did not deliver the maintenance – free surface America was so looking for. Instead, consumers that had a Corian® top did not want another one in their new kitchen and others that did not go for it the first time around, may never own a Corian® top.

TM Italia - Touch Tatoo kitchen in Corian
TM Italia - Touch Tatoo kitchen in Corian

Now, after all these years, we are seeing a renewed interest in the Corian® material, but this time, it’s in Europe! The European have found that Corian® has some very unique design possibilities and are now taking a full advantage of it. 

TM Italia - Touch Tatoo kitchen, in Corian
TM Italia - Touch Tatoo kitchen, in Corian

Designed by da Gianluca Tondi, the head of TM Italia Cucine, the Touch Tatoo kitchen model, is made completely out of the DuPont Corian®. The counters are tight fitting, without handles and come with electronic mechanisms which allow you to open them with the lightest of touches. The black decoration of the kitchen, transferred by sublimation onto Corian® Glacier White with a patented procedure, which might be compared to a tattoo on human skin, was created by the architect Nicoletta Bertolissi.

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Amir J. Ilin, the president of Küche+Cucina, a design firm he started 24 years ago. Ilin’s work has been featured on HGTV, on Donald trump’s The Apprentice, in numerous national publications and on many national magazine covers. He is also the recipient of various design awards, among them “Best of Show Design Award”, from Signature Kitchens & Baths 8 times!Ilin was commissioned to design special projects in very exclusive homes, some located far away from his base in NJ. He was also chosen to create the cabinetry for the newly renovated Plaza Hotel, in NYC, as well as several luxury multi-unit projects around the country. To date, Ilin was involved in installations of more then 3,000 kitchens around the US and the islands, as well as many outside the US, many for well known clients.

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  1. Joseph

    OK, this one is a tad more than I believe I could live with myself, but all the same, it’s a slick concept, and I found it very interesting. That has been one of the recurring themes in my own life–looking for a way to make our bathrooms and our kitchen look really innovative, even though those rooms are much too small. One of the glories of the Internet, though, is that there is absolutely no dearth of ideas. Right now I have no idea of what I will ultimately do, but I keep hoping I will come up with something really slick. Thank you for sharing this concept. It has given me something to think about.

  2. gopinath

    it is very noice

  3. corian fabricator

    i have been fabricating corian for 11 years and have not seen this procedure as of yet. i dont believe that it can be done on an existing countertop,but more of when they pour the sheets as it is cooling and still rubbery. like with thermo forming, when corian is heated it gets soft and rubbery i am guessing this is when the pattern could be “injected” into the material. i think this is a very cool idea and a new way to personalize a custom top. but i also could see it being VERY expensive as not many companies offer this or even know about it as of yet!

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