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EuroCucina – The Countdown Begins!

EuroCucina 2016


We are just weeks away from the 52nd anniversary of Saloni (Tuesday, April 12th., to Sunday, April 17th.). A big part of Saloni, every other year (on even years) is EuroCucina. 

Created in 1974, the International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition runs concurrently with the International Bathroom Exhibition in the broader context of the Salone del Mobile.

EuroCucina showcases all the latest in the realm of high quality kitchens, responding to the escalating demand for functionality from increasingly savvy consumers. Its collateral event, FTK (Technology For the Kitchen), specialises in built-in appliances and cooker hoods, presenting the latest technology for “cooking” and living the kitchen space, embracing the innovative new dimension of “connectivity”.



23,813.25 DISPLAY AREA (sqm)


357,212 VISITORS


6 good reasons to visit EuroCucina:

  • 120 exhibitors on a surface of 23,000 m2 (EuroCucina), more than 40 exhibitors on 12,000 m2 (FTK)
  • Business: demand for kitchens has risen
  • Business: fertile ground for growing markets where large residential and hospitality contracts are being developed (USA, UK, China and some parts of the Middle East)
  • Top italian and international brands
  • Trends: cutting-edge innovation, technology and design
  • FTK: the connectivity that makes for intelligent homes



12-17 April 2016
9.30 am – 6.30 pm
Open to the general public on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 April


Milan Fairgrounds, Rho (Milan)
Entrance gates:
Porta Est, Porta Sud, Porta Ovest

How To Get There



FTK – Technology For the Kitchen occupies

a dedicated area in pav. 9-11

Map of Exhibits in Saloni
Map of Exhibits in iSaloni

We’re back with a New Look!

Like we reported a few months ago, the server that hosted our site crashed, due to the amount of traffic we were getting, so thank you everyone! 🙂

The good news is that we are back with a whole new look and an entirely new site – hope you like it!

Something old, something new and something recycled

Perfectly reclaimed old faucet
Perfectly reclaimed old faucet

I love recycling (and I’m not talking about plastic bottles and cans, though that is very important too). I just love it when creative designers, like the team at Cousaert Vanderdockt from Belgium, find old “junk” and turn it into art, furniture and even kitchens.

Kitchens made of reclaimed materials put together geniusly
Kitchens made of reclaimed materials put together geniusly

Though some of the furniture pieces are genius, this blog is all about kitchens, so I’ll focus on that. Their kitchen designs have so much character, so much wonderful texture and just that certain je ne sais quoi about them. The reclaimed wood, together with the antique stone sinks and the old world faucets are put together so cleverly that I just love every part of it.

From the kitchen cabinetry, through the sink and even the faucet.
From the kitchen cabinetry, through the sink and even the faucet.

European kitchens are mostly cleaned lined and very minimalistic, creating the ultimate modern kitchens or the other extreme – old world English or French style kitchens, that are classic and traditional kitchens but in a very balanced and structured way, following symmetrical design rules.

The antique butcher block blends right in.
The antique butcher block blends right in.

Cousaert Vanderdockt designs break all these rules and the molds all together – they are so simple and yet have a lot of depth to them. They feeling they create is just very comfortable and it makes me want to go out and build a house in this theme…

The patina on this stone counter makes it looks like it's been there forever.
The patina on this stone counter makes it looks like it it's been there forever...


Ecological Kitchen

Green Kitchens – Ecological Kitchens.


Green is not just a color any more – if you are reading this blog, you have access to a computer and therefore are familiar with green, ecological products – it’s everywhere! The question is – how do you find true green products or in our case – a green kitchen?

Apparently, there are many shades of green and it is not easy to defferentiate between a ‘true deep green’, a ‘faded, washed out green’ and a product that only claims to be green… In the case of European made kitchens it is a little easier because the European standards are very high and already forces manufacturers to produce greener products by default – make sure that the product has an ‘E1 Emission Class’ – a very high European standard that insures a greener product.

 A few points to consider:

1. The box materials – An ecological kitchen is made without cutting down any trees, as simple as that – ecological furniture must not be merely “recyclable” or contain a percentage of recyclable wood – it must actually be made of 100% of recycled wood! A few companies have already made the commitment to use only 100% recycled wood in building their kitchen products. Make sure the box and panel materials are made from a certified ‘Ecological Panel’

2. The doors – obviously, a solid wood door will be the least green. A veneer door, from a non exotic, sustainable wood, will be better. ‘None wood’ material, such as glass, laminate or lacquer finishes, which are produced properly are the greenest.

3. Is the product toxic? Many products, available in the market these days, are made without any consideration for the environment or for you – they have a high emission of formaldehyde and other toxic fumes. A green kitchen should have very little to no VOC (VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, the toxic fumes from most building products.) .

Now, if all this sounds complicated and very expensive to achieve – think again. On the contrary – companies like Pedini Kitchens have been producing these types of products for years. Their costs have not changed, as a result of producing green kitchens and the quality level did not suffer at all. 

Some other importent ideas for designing a green kitchen – recycling center, energy efficient appliances (not just in terms of energy but appliances that are suitable to the family size – 2 family members with 3 refrigerators in the kitchen is not very green…). 

Go Green!