Users Vote for Top 20 European Kitchen Brands 2023

Without further here are my Top 20 European kitchen Brands:

  1. Pedini (Showroom in Bay Area, CA / Showroom in NJ)
  2. DOCA
  3. Arclinea
  4. Binova
  5. Boffi
  6. Bulthaup
  7. BauBox (Showroom in Bay Area, CA)
  8. Eggersman
  9. Häcker
  10. Crystal Cabinets (Showroom in Bay Area, CA)
  11. Poggenpohl
  12. Schiffini
  13. SieMatic
  14. Smallbone
  15. Snaidero
  16. Strato
  17. Toncelli
  18. Valcucine
  19. Varenna
  20. Zeyko

I haven’t seen any mention of Artistic kitchens Design. They sell Crystal Cabinets and a Canadian company. Can I get the look and style from

Amir J. Ilin, the president of Küche+Cucina, a design firm he started 24 years ago. Ilin’s work has been featured on HGTV, on Donald trump’s The Apprentice, in numerous national publications and on many national magazine covers. He is also the recipient of various design awards, among them “Best of Show Design Award”, from Signature Kitchens & Baths 8 times! Ilin was commissioned to design special projects in very exclusive homes, some located far away from his base in NJ. He was also chosen to create the cabinetry for the newly renovated Plaza Hotel, in NYC, as well as several luxury multi-unit projects around the country. To date, Ilin was involved in installations of more then 3,000 kitchens around the US and the islands, as well as many outside the US, many for well known clients.

Kitchen guy, I’m searching for kitchens I sanfrancisco and Sacramento. When I go to the store they all look great. I love Boffi, Arclinea, pedini, leicht and Poggenpohl. (I have not seen Snaidero or Siematic and didn’t like the looks of Baulthaup or Alno. I’m on a tight budget but want the best long lasting contemporary look and a kitchen that won’t fall apart. I want a wall of cabinets and two islands First for sink and stove top. Second for storage and counter height bar stools. Please list those cabinets in order of my wants?

Best Kitchen Remodel

  1. Pedini and Bulthaup (as well as Haecker) both have a few price levels, so it depends on which model fits your style.
  2. Too many to list, but I think between the names you already are checking, you have at least one winner. Don’t go crazy shopping the kitchen to death… It should be a fun process…
  3. I don’t believe so. Though the initial price may be lower, once you add the shipping (of one kitchen), all the extra work (and time!) you’ll need to do and most importantly, the risk of mistakes, etc. that you will end up having to pay for – Let the specialist make their money and you make money doing what it is that you do for living, vs. spending time being a kitchen specialist…
    Not sure about the “best prices are after Christmas and again after Easter” – why…?

Questions from 

Bangalore, India

We are planning to makeover our kitchen, which brand would u suggest as per the availability in bangalore.

Not really sure what’s there, but check the list on the right and see their web sites, for locations.




Q: We are planning to install DOCA in our home in Hawaii and are looking for a corresponding outdoor kitchen solution. Since DOCA does not provide Outdoor Kitchens, are there any other brands that you would recommend that would blend with the DOCA for the inside of our home?

Thank you

A: Check this list of brands to see which brands blend with DOCA.




Q: I’m about to purchase a new kitchen and would really need some guidance.

But first, let me thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us.

I’m from Italy and considering the following brands: BAUBOX, modulnova, binova, arclinea and elam system.

For a series of coincidences, I have access to better than average discounts with arclinea and elam system.

I’ve received preliminary price estimates for modulnova and arclinea kitchens that are roughly in line. While I am still waiting for elam system and binova prices.

I would kindly ask you your opinion on the following:

What is the ranking among the above in terms of overall quality regardless of the price? Is there a clear winner you would recommend or, on average, they are playing in the same league?

How would the ranking change by taking into consideration price/quality ratio?

Is there any additional brand you would feel to strongly suggest in the same quality/price range?

I’ve been told arclinea is a bit of declining brand, is that true?

Would you mind to briefly sharing your view on elam system. I thought it could be among the top 20.

Can I really consider binova as top quality after the acqusition from Miton? In other words Is Binova still a top 20?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards

A: Modulnova, Arclinea, Binova, and Elam.

Not sure of the pricing in your country…

Many… – where are you?


Nice product. Not a Top 20 brand.



I have to admit I am a bit confused right now as my brand perception so far was that Modulnova was the “underdog” with maybe better price/quality ratio but overall lower quality vis a vis very renowned names such as Arclinea which I thought to be closer, in terms of quality and design, to the top names.

If times and your patience allow it, could you please expand a bit on key reasons to choose Modulnova over Arclinea to help me take a more educated choice?




A: I’m in Milan: what other names would you suggest to remain in the same quality/price range?

PS. in particular i’ve seen from its website that Siematic manufactures very beautiful kitchens, is it in the same league or much above?

Again thanks a lot for your help!

A: sorry, but I can’t get into a full scale study, as it will become a full-time-job…

Go with the better designer. They are all good products.




which kitchen would you recommend between Pedini,siematic Leicht and rational?

A:I like Pedini & SieMatic over the other 2.



Q: Dear Kitchen Guy

Thank you for the great effort you put in your answers.

It was comforting to know that we were not alone in the kitchen decision making dilemma.

We have the option of same size & design of kitchen from Bulthaup,Rosanna & Euromobil with almost identical price .

All 3 come with stainless tops.

The difference is that Bulthaup cupboards are in a natural aluminium, whilst the Italian counterparts are made of stainless steel(Euromobil even has a fingerprint resistant steel).

What would be your expert personal opinion of the 3 choices.

& to confuse matters ,I have seen the VIPP kitchen,which I simply love for its style.However,how can VIPP compare with kitchen manfacturers of many decades experience ?


I am planning on opening a dealership offering 3 different price range of kitchen brands. I am thinking of bulthop as the higher end, Hacker as the middle end and am not sure what to offer for the lower end. Of the 20 brands that you have listed above, which one would be considered at the lower price range?

Thank you,


A: Ramsey – none. Low end will not be part of the Top 20…

What country are you in?



A: Sorry for the late reply, but I didn’t get an email notification and saw your answer by chance. Country is Jordan! But I think after doing some research, the answer to my question about which lower price point I might have should still be Hacecker’s Classic System, which might compete with nobilia and scavolini

I need your advise regarding comparing German brand burger & bauformat versus nobilia.

I got the same price after discount.

Nobilia 5 years guarantee vs burger & bauformat 15 years guarantee.

Let me know which one you recommend and the reason.


A: they are very similar. Probebly Nolte is a tuiny bit better, but I’d go with the designer, rather than the brand in this case.



Q: You said that Arclinea is declining and Binova is no longer in your top 20 so will you be updating your list of top 20 kitchen brands?

Please be closet/wardrobe guy as well!

It is amazing how much in detail you know your stuff. I guess we are all waiting for a latest update on the top 20 brands.

Wonder if ArcLinea still makes the list!

How would you rate the Stosa product brand and offering

A: pretty good.



Q: How about Berloni Kitchenguy.

A: owned by Chinese. Made in Italy, for the Chinese market…



Q: Hi, Is it true that Siematic is in Bankruptcy for the second time? Can you tell us with who is the most financially stable of the top German companies? Is there a risk of a cabinet company going out of business after we give them a deposit?


Lester B.

A: contact us


Q: First, thank you for the useful blog!

I have a question about “Binova” as you mentioned the brand is no longer in your top 20 since the company was taken over by Miton. Do you happen to know when -as in what year- did Miton take over Binova and when did the decline of Binova actually started?

Reason i’m asking: a local kitchen dealer is clearing out his stock and there is a Binova kitchen (for a very good deal) dating from 2013 that was once ordered by a customer but never placed, everything is still packed in boxes…so to make a long question short…was Binova in 2013 still considered a top 20 brand?

Appreciate your help,

kind regards,


A: contact us


Q: Hello Kictehguy,

I wonder if you can help.

I am in he process of purchasing kitchen and i am comparing an Italian product and a German product. the German is coming out slightly more and i wonder if you can help clarify the main differences in the quality of an Italian or German kitchen?



A: contact us


Q: Kitchens in Pakistan. Can you help me ? a formal collaboration with a quality kitchen production company that is not in Pakistan so for.

A: contact us




Q: We are in London and have seen Haecker and Schueller kitchens (as well as UK companies we aren’t considering). Haecker in the lead so far. Wondering:

how Pedini and Bulthaup compare to Haecker on price/value for money;

any other companies we should consider for clean, square (non-white) contemporary kitchen in/around Haecker price bracket; and

friends have saved massively by ordering furniture from Germany and collecting (instead of same product bought in the UK)- is this something worth considering for kitchens?

We have a long lead time on our project as it is part of a bigger build. In the UK it is “said” that the best prices are after Christmas and again after Easter, so trying to secure our discount rate now.

Thanks so much!

A: contact us



The UK

Q: We’re based in the UK and have been looking at kitchen for a while and whilst still confused are sure of the layout. We have quotes, all at virtually identical prices, for schuller next125, nolte and hacker. What order would u rank these in for quality given price is the same?

I’m so pleased to have come across this site – simply brilliant!


A: check out our new post that will be uo tonight…



Q: Hi Kitchen Guy,

Great site..we have a kitchen/interiors business in Ireland. Bespoke, classical, fairly high end.Looking to also do middle of the road & high end (but not mega bucks)contemporary. Who would you recommend?

A: so many brands out there – not sure who is not represented in your area…



Q: Hi kitchen guy, only saw your reply now! thank you???? Do Armony rate for quality.. It has been suggested to us to design our own kitchen as we currently do and get Armony to make them?? We are going to make a trip to Italy to have a look at kitchen showrooms..any mid end suggestions. Are Modulonova good value? I like their designs..

A: too many suggestions and ideas, too confusing for me… ? One question at a time please…



Q: Hi, I’m looking to open a kitchen store in Guatemala, and have seen several kitchens brands, but I would like you help choose a good one.

I’m looking for quality and design and good price. Actually here in Guatemala you can buy Aran, Scavollini and this are expensive kitchens. What brand do you recommend me that can be competitive with this ones.


A: contact us


Q: We are in the process of buying our kitchen and the options are as follows:

ernestomeda, snaidero, scic, scavolini and veneta

which is the best brand and are there any brands of the same price/quality please?


A: MFredo – Ernestomeda & Snaidero are better than the others on your list.



Q: kindly advise in which brand is better Germany beeck kitchens or Nolte kitchens

A: khalmomen – Haecker



Q: Hi Kitchenguy, great blog and thanks for all the information. Could you please comment on the brand Leicht? We are in the process of doing a kitchen, is Leicht a decent mid-range brand? I know it’s not a top brand but due to the price point, I am hoping that at least it’s decent. Thanks!!!

A: decent it is!



Q:Congratulations for a really helpful blog. It’s very insightful reading through the questions and your incisive and clear replies. Thank you!

I would welcome your advice:

We are shopping in Italy for a kitchen (we live across the border in Switzerland, so the value-for-money equation is evident).

The brands we are potentially interested in are (in decreasing price order):

– Varenna Poliform (possibly out of our price range)

– Valcucine (especially intrigued by the Forma Mentis line, which is newish and cheaper but still seems good quality compared to their other lines – but also looking at their other lines, which those may prove too pricey)

– Snaidero

– Cesar

– Euromobil

(these three seem around the same price)

– Arrital

A: contact us


Q: My questions are:

How do you rank and rate these brands selection-, quality/durability- and service-(including warranty) wise? And are there any you would avoid?

(I saw you consider Varenna, Valcucine and Snaidero to be among your top 20)

Do you know the Valcucine Forma Mentis range, what do you think of it quality-wise?

Arrital is the cheapest, so if budget pushes us in that direction, what do you think of it quality/durability/service-wise?

Thank you in advance!

A: lots of questions… Varenna and Valcucine are more, because they are better. If Euromobil is less than Snaidero and Cesar, I’d go with them. Arrital is lower quality.



Q:  Hi Kitchenguy, thanks for all the useful info. I was hoping you could give a little more advice on one of the brands Kitchen Shopper mentioned.

In my country we have limited choice, namely – Schmitt / Arrital / Nolte / Mobalpa.

Of these 4 Brands where would you rank a brand like Arrital? Are they of the same quality or less? Thanks.


A: William Ng – Leave out Nolte – the other 3 are similar. Go with the one that is sold by the more reputable dealer.



Q: I’m torn between Varenna Alea and Valcucine Forma Mentis.

Which brand/model would you choose, and why?

As a follow-up, which is more expensive?



A: contact us 


Q: I’m interested in representing an Italian Kitchen Company in my Country ( Mauritius) and I’ m wondering which one I can pick.

I’ m already in the Manufacturing of Cabinet locally but would like to add to our portfolio an international brand.

We already have our Showroom and production line.

Please advise me.

Note that we have Brand like Pedini/ Mobalpa/ Schmitt / Mobilturi/ Nolte available on the market.



A: contact us


Q: We are targeting our high end customers in Mauritius.Actually we are doing around 100 to 120 Full Kitchen Units and 40-50 Dressing / Wardrobe per year.

We are aiming around the same figure for the new brand of International Kitchen.

The price could be in the middle range with good quality fittings ( Blum / Hafele or Hettich)

Stylish and modern design ranges will suit us and our local high end customers.

However, if we can have a brand with different categories ( range)and price range ,it would be more interestI got to work with.

Thanks for your advise


A: If Zecchinon was a good product and how you would rate it?

What about veneta cucine ? i am just curious.

thanks for the information. would request you to reply on the email.

thanks!Astrid – meduim level.

farzana – what about them…?



Q: I am working with kitchen cabinet dealers to export a kitchen from Europe to Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean. I am working with a local Bonaire importer who sells Brugman form Holland and a NYC rep who can arrange direct delivery from Nobilia in Germany to the Dutch Caribbean. In both instances the kitchens are being designed around Siemens appliances. As a NYC installer I am familiar with Poggenpohl & Leicht and think both are are too high-end for my needs. How do Brugman & Nobilia kitchens compare quality wise to each other? Which kitchen will look better 10 years from now?

A:Christopher Leahy – Never heard of Brugman. Nobilia is lower quality (also price) than the others.



Q: We are thinking of redoing our kitchen and are thinking of either Pedini, Leicht and Scavolini. looking at white kitchen cabinets that have the soft touch open/close functionality. Of the 3 brands, which one do you think is the best in terms of quality?

A: contact us


Q: Great website, full of useful information. I am buying a new kitchen and have quotes for the following manufacturers:

Schuller – next125 rage



I am happy with all the designers. Price wise, Seimatic are a lot more expensive and the other two are more comparable in terms of cost with the Häcker quote being slightly cheaper.

What order would you put these kitchens in in terms of quality? Thanks!

A: contact us


Q: Hello Kitchenguy I have a question. Between Allmilmo, Bulthaup, Siematic and other kind of kitchen design wich one you choose to be a sales representative base in income, earning, name well known, quality, price and desing? in latin america market.

thank you

A: contact us


Q: First of all great website !

I was about to purchase an Ernestomeda kitchen, the same guys have Snaidero which I also liked.

However he said that Ernestomeda are slightly better quality, and to make his point said that the legs

are made in steel unlike most other kitchens including Snaidero which are plastic.

What are your thoughts ?

these companies? The upside is the reduction in shipping charges.

A: all are great choices, but if you are “on a tight budget but want the best long lasting contemporary look and a kitchen that won’t fall apart”, here is my advise: Pedini, has their Eko model. It is an economy model, because they limit the number of finishes, but you’re getting a Pedini kitchen, with the same quality as the other models. Kind of like getting a Mercedes C class.

The American brands will not give you the same look, not be be as good a quality and will end up being more expensive.

I love these sinks!

Good luck!



Q: Just found this wonderful resource – thank you! I am wondering whether you have looked at “Composit” and “Armory Cucine”, both Italian lines offered in the SF Bay Area? Also, what is the best way to comparison price other lines not offered by kitchen showrooms in our area? Thank you! 

A: contact us


Q: I am considering to buy a kitchen and met already two companies in Paris.

Valcucine and Arrital

I read some information about Valcucine in your blog but nothing about Arrital

Could you please tell me about this company and her position compared to Valcucine?

They sell the “Félix” material which means to be a very nice product.

Thank you in advance and have a happy New year.


A: Patrick – Valcucine is much higher quality.



Q: Hi Kitchenguy. I need to know lower price level list of the Italian and German companies . per sqm 500 euro buying price from the companies.I am opening the next showroom but I want to display low level companies ,that everybody could buy.


A: his is not a short answer, but a real study…




Q: I’m kitchen hunting at the moment.

We’ve seen Arrex, Scavolini, Stosa, Berloni, Nobilia and Melody up to now. From all these only Nobilia seems to be on your best list. I noticed you’re not impressed with Berloni and you said Stosa are ok. What about Scavolini and Arrex?

Would greatly appreciate a reply because I’m really confused now.


A: contact us

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