PEDINI Introduces Dune Collection

PEDINI recently introduces DUNE, one of the newest additions to its already distinguished line of kitchen models. DUNE represents an evolution of the popular kitchen island from a one-dimensional space used solely for preparing meals to an impressively versatile cooking envelope with 360° accessibility — well-suited for today’s multi-tasking lifestyle. DUNE’s trademark ‘Peninsula’, ‘Atoll’ and ‘Boomerang’ configurations are triumphs of ergonomic science in the kitchen.  A celebration of modern efficiency, Dune offers specially shaped, fully integrated storage, sink, cook-top, and dishwasher space in boldly compact solutions, ideal for entertaining friends and family while cooking.

Dune kitchen island in white glossy lacquer
Dune kitchen island in white glossy lacquer

The DUNE line creates new geometries and accomplishes different tasks – characterized as much by its ergonomic solutions, ecological materials and ample choice of colors and finishes, as for its attractive forms. DUNE is a highly elastic collection constituted by dramatically curved and linear forms alike that may be seamlessly combined to offer incredibly unique solutions. This pioneering collection is fit for both tomorrow’s architectural demands and today’s ever more active and creative consumers.

Dune in white mat finish lacquer
Dune in white mat finish lacquer

The DUNE line includes several ‘corner-less’ designs and is further distinguished by its meticulously conceived handle-less storage system, achieved using an ergonomic channel-groove on the inside top edge of PEDINI’s 23mm door/drawer panels (base units) or a minimal vertical aluminum profile (tall units). Expertly engineered drawers in the curved units allow PEDINI to offer this remarkable option while retaining its sleek, modern design.

Dune island in walnut
Dune island in walnut

Specifications of the DUNE line include:

  • Finishes: veneered walnut, matte lacquer, glossy lacquer
  • Worktops: stainless steel, decorated glass, quartz, corian, unicolor laminate
  • Doors: industry leading, 23mm smooth door,
  • Storage: encourages ergonomic movement, while maximizing storage capacity
  • Handles: integrated handle and groove
Dune large walnut kitchen
Dune large walnut kitchen

The designer of the DUNE collection is Domenico Paolucci.

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Amir J. Ilin, the president of Küche+Cucina, a design firm he started 24 years ago. Ilin’s work has been featured on HGTV, on Donald trump’s The Apprentice, in numerous national publications and on many national magazine covers. He is also the recipient of various design awards, among them “Best of Show Design Award”, from Signature Kitchens & Baths 8 times!Ilin was commissioned to design special projects in very exclusive homes, some located far away from his base in NJ. He was also chosen to create the cabinetry for the newly renovated Plaza Hotel, in NYC, as well as several luxury multi-unit projects around the country. To date, Ilin was involved in installations of more then 3,000 kitchens around the US and the islands, as well as many outside the US, many for well known clients.

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  1. Leonard

    I have followed with interest your comments and opinions on this blog and I think you have a great grasp of the european design ethos and concepts. I’d just like to as you a very simple question. What is your opinion of tambour doors and their application in contemporary kitchens?, A few years ago they were the coming thing and have become pretty regular in their usage,especially in Italy. I saw a cool one at the Veneta Cucina stand ( Black with alternating perforated slats and motorised) but there were not many other stands with them. Are they becoming de riguer?
    Thanks for following this blog and for the kind words.
    I think that tambour doors (garage doors), are not fitting any more with the current ‘European look’, which is much sleeker, cleaner and more minimalistic.
    They were very popular 10-15 years ago, when extensive use of stainless elements where a design trend, used as contrast to wood or lacquer kitchens.
    It is still being used today, but more as a utilitarian feature, rather than a design element.

  2. Kitchens

    Tambour doors are not really used that much any more. I’m was never really a fan of them.

    The Dune island in walnut is fab. Wood grain is definitely in. What do you think kitchenguy?

  3. Jack

    Thanks for providing so abundant information in here, which makes it a lot easier to know worldwide branded kitchen makers and their products timely.

    Regarding the Pedini that you’ve just introduced lately, could you give us further information such as its ASP and market evaluation in comparison with the Schuller from Germany ?

    Thanks again for your time and your feedback will be highly appreciated !
    Dear Jack,
    Thanks for visiting – I’m glad you like.
    Regarding your request – both brands are at the top end of the market, but they are very different one from another. While Schüller is a large company, that manufacturers mainly ‘main stream’ products, that are meant to appeal to the masses, Pedini is a smaller company, with a high-line design, that are made for higher-end kitchens. I hope this helps.

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