Eurocucina 2010 – day one

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It is now official-the dominant trend at Eurocucina this year is green and when it comes to colors, think white, off-white, brown/grey and dark brown.

From concrete or stone kitchens (and not only counters, but doors, too!),


Steinküche from Steininger Designers


BETONküche10 from Steininger Designers


to cedar


Laundry from Riva 1920


Riva 1920‘s booth


Another view of Riva 1920’s booth and metal cabinets, kitchen manufacturers are all showing environmentally friendly products.

I’m also seeing lots of white kitchens in high-gloss finishes, textured laminates and veneers, as well as white and dark wood combinations. What little color there is seems to be limited to glass kitchens, but most of these are white, too.

From Lago

Yellow glass kitchen from Lago Store.

Even the stands-or booths-themselves have taken on a “green” or eco-friendly look just to drive the point home.

From Comprex

Toncelli‘s booth


A “green” look for Comprex‘ booth

But so far, I haven’t seen much in terms of new innovation or new breakthrough technology. What I am seeing is lots of motorized doors and drawers, induction cooktops and very sleek appliances. Overall, the kitchens all have very “clean” lines and are even more minimalistic than before.


Amir J. Ilin, the president of Küche+Cucina, a design firm he started 24 years ago. Ilin’s work has been featured on HGTV, on Donald trump’s The Apprentice, in numerous national publications and on many national magazine covers. He is also the recipient of various design awards, among them “Best of Show Design Award”, from Signature Kitchens & Baths 8 times!Ilin was commissioned to design special projects in very exclusive homes, some located far away from his base in NJ. He was also chosen to create the cabinetry for the newly renovated Plaza Hotel, in NYC, as well as several luxury multi-unit projects around the country. To date, Ilin was involved in installations of more then 3,000 kitchens around the US and the islands, as well as many outside the US, many for well known clients.

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