A World Full of European Appliances.

A very big part of the European kitchen design overall look are the European appliances – from the traditional, old world look of AGA, La Cornue, Godin and Lacanche, to the slick, modern, minimalistic look of Miele, Gaggenau and Scholtès, European appliance companies are not just setting the tone, in term of design, they practically ’own’ the appliance market in the entire world!

Lacanche RangeGaggenau Cook TopsGaggenau Coffee machineLa Cornue and AGAMiele Wall Oven

Besides the American market where the majority of appliances sold in it are American made, just like the case with the European cabinets – the world is using mostly European appliances. Companies from Italy, Germany, France, Spain and a few other European brands are found almost everywhere in the world! 

European appliances are ranging from inexpensive appliances, made by firms such as Fagor, Creda and Amica, all the way to the a €30,000 (approx $45,000) range by la Cornue. 

La Cornue range

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Amir J. Ilin, the president of Küche+Cucina, a design firm he started 24 years ago. Ilin’s work has been featured on HGTV, on Donald trump’s The Apprentice, in numerous national publications and on many national magazine covers. He is also the recipient of various design awards, among them “Best of Show Design Award”, from Signature Kitchens & Baths 8 times!Ilin was commissioned to design special projects in very exclusive homes, some located far away from his base in NJ. He was also chosen to create the cabinetry for the newly renovated Plaza Hotel, in NYC, as well as several luxury multi-unit projects around the country. To date, Ilin was involved in installations of more then 3,000 kitchens around the US and the islands, as well as many outside the US, many for well known clients.

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  1. Randi

    It is so true. European appliances have always had more 1)prestige, 2)reliability, and 3)influence on the market than American appliances. Americans seek out these legendary appliances and make them the focal point in their kitchens. Because of this there are more European appliance manufacturers slowly branching off into distribution in the Americas. I was reading an article at the Luxury Institute that stated, in spite of the slow economy, there will be an increased desire/want from consumers for luxury items of this sort.

    Gorgeous La Cornue.

    Bertazzoni and Delaubrac will be making a huge break through in the Americas over the next couple years. Bertazzoni is a really well made range, hopefully they can pump some money into marketing. They are so pretty! The same goes for Delaubrac.

    Have a good one! =]

  2. Joseph

    I find European appliances and kitchens fascinating beyond belief and have written about quite a few of them. I’m a cabinetmaker who really does not have the skills to re-create a lot of those designs, but I find them to be most inspiring. One day I will make a kitchen for my wife and post the results online. Maybe, with all that I’ve learned about how the Europeans do it, I will have something worth the effort.

  3. nancy

    Hi. The kitchen island – aptly named because it is unattached and permits access from all sides – adds extra work space as well as decoration to our kitchen.

    Thank you.

  4. Jason

    Interested in learning more about your blog & the opportunities that exist to showcase our unique and exacting appliances to your readership. Please email me.

  5. Large Appliances

    Nice post. However, great appliances are essential to a great kitchen, so the money you spend will be well worth it in the long run.


  6. KD


    Your comments earlier on one German brand vs the other did help us a lot. Would like to know if it is possible to know about kitchen appliances. Right now we are looking at chimney hob, in built gas hob and in built oven. We have very good quotes from Hafele Nagold which we can afford easily. We did checkout Siemens and whike we are considering it for the chimney and gas hob, it is priced above Nagikd obviously. Elica from Italy is priced lesser. And basically we wanted to know how Hafele figures as a brand for kitchen appliances. Miele is way to expensive for us and we hear FisherPaykal is priced similarly to Siemens but haven’t checked it out yet. Would love to know your comments.

    1. kitchenguy

      KD – sorry, not very familiar with these appliances…
      You gotta find the applianceguy… 🙂

  7. KD

    Assume that was said in zest and there is no appliance guy around 🙂

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